meets Film

Nowadays 809cgi is mainly focussing on photographic visualization and film.

Photographer Johan Visschedijk shoots cars, lifestyle, stills, but he sees food as his specialisation.
He was born in 1963 and started working as a photographer in 1988. After a few years, he decided to specialise in food photography and has since worked for all major brands in the Netherlands and abroad.
In 2007, he branched out into car photography, a field in which he has built up extensive experience in using CGI solutions. He is a passionate photographer and very likes to work under different circumstances. Where people normally would like to quit he will give you some extra.

Cinematographer Oliver Haase can rely on the experience of hundreds of commercial and corporate videos. Born in 1961 he began as a DoP in Berlin 1988. Since then he has worked for most of the leading car, chemical and steel brands in the German industry. Of course he has traveled abroad. Besides in Europe he has worked in the United States and Asia as well.

In addition to his love for the desktop and food photography his great passion is to tell stories with images that are touching.

Passion for images

Common to both is the ability to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and to find the right images for his messages. What started as a small test, soon became a exceptional cooperation. More then 25 years of experience in the field of film and photography comes together.
In their first results you can clearly see the mix of experience and dedication.

Added value

We aim to provide added value to the style and atmosphere the client has in mind. As a photographer but also as a cinematographer we wish to establish and develop a particular style. And that style must be fairly aesthetic, and to some extent polished. To be able to offer that added value, you must have a shared understanding of taste and perception.

An inner feeling

Our goal is to produce attractive films and pictures. We believe that together we can achieve that goal. This work is all about an inner feeling. Good images are about emotion and if everything goes well, the things we do elicit emotions, too. It is wonderful to appeal to an individual’s sensitivities. And that calls not only for excellence in technology, but also perfection in our ideas.

Work hard and play hard

Producer and Client Service Manager Nadia Kafu started her career in Media in 1998. After working for more then 10 years as a producer for commercials, film, music-videos and TV productions, Nadia Kafu is now joining forces with 809cgi in the Netherlands.

In 2005 she added photography productions for national and international clients on to her portfolio.

After filming and living all over the world she now took the Netherlands as her base from where she will reach out to clients in Europe and the Middle-East, together with the high professionals joined at 809cgi.

“Work hard and play hard” with the best creative result for all parties involved is her motto!